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Bulone Resort

Bulone Resort offers bungalows located on Koh Bulon’s best beaches of the almost untouched paradise of Bulon Leh Island. Bulone Resort is a unique resort. We have different types of bungalows available to make you feel comfortable and to ensure that you can enjoy your holidays when you stay with us on the island. All bungalows have a private balcony with a set of comfortable chairs and a table.

There you can enjoy the view over the Andaman Sea and the morning sunrise. Bulone Resort is a family business run by the Ongsara family since 1992. Our guests appreciate the friendly atmosphere and our nice clean beach bungalows. You will simply feel good.
Our food is best on the island and is quality-tested at regular intervals.

If you love food, you will love Bulone Restaurant. We have food for every taste, serving Thai and Western food. Thai food is worldwide famous for its wonderful flavours and fresh ingredients. Each part of Thailand has its own flavour. Southern food is famous for it’s sour and spicy flavours. The main ingredient is “Prig kee noo” or chilli. We also serve seafood fresh everyday from the Andaman Sea. If you would like to have a special dinner with seafood, just order about 2-3 days in advance for example tiger prawns, mussel etc. Everyday we offer clean good tested food.

We also provide vegetarian food as it is becoming more and more popular. Therefore you will find special vegetarian food at Bulone Restaurant. If you wish to enjoy not only Thai food we have also very tasty home made special “Bulon Spaghetti” and a variety of other western food. Finish your meal with seasonal Thai fruits. Banana, papaya, watermelon and pineapple. You will see: what we serve is definitely healthy food.

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